Eco Torrent is a full service General Contractor servicing Ocean and Monmouth counties at the Jersey shore.


MYTH#1 Green Homes are more expensive.

Some green products are more expensive than conventional counterparts, but if you consider the project as a whole, and with proper planning, there are usually many opportunities to recycle and actually cut costs. Green homes on average save 30-60% on energy and water. Tax credits and rebates can significantly help subsidize costs.

MYTH#2 You need to replace everything to be green.
Other than updating the mechanicals and water fixtures, the fewer things you replace, the more eco-friendly you are. 

MYTH#3 Not many options for Eco Friendly building materials.
Not true anymore! You can now find a green alternative for any type of material that you would ever need.

MYTH#4 Eco Friendly materials are strange looking.
The old pure die hard extreme “Hippie ” or “ultra modern” aesthetic may not be for everyone, but now there are many options and styles for every taste and budget.

MYTH#5 Green Home Renovating and retrofitting is all about choosing the right products.
Definitely! but its not all about the stuff. Its about a whole house plan to recycle, reuse or repurpose and to make everything more efficient overall.

MYTH#6 Green Home Remodeling products aren’t as durable as conventional
Not true. The key factors to make a sustainable home is to select natural products that are superior for durability and effectiveness over man made ones. 

MYTH#7 Green Home Remodeling is a Fad.
Green is growing exponentially! According to the NAHB’ report, Green and Healthier Homes: Engaging Consumers of All Ages in Sustainable Living.

MYTH#8 My contractor won’t know what I’m talking about.
LOL! We got this one. However, most contractors wont know the details of what is required to make a house perform at their highest levels. You may be getting charged for a deep energy retrofit and only get a shallow energy retrofit.

MYTH#9 To really save on utility bills I have to invest in renewable energy systems.

Nope, You can save up to 40% on bills by just doing a shallow energy retrofit by professionally sealing up you existing home!

MYTH#10 Making my house Green will make it harder to sell.
On the contrary, experts at NAR suggest that as more home buyers become increasingly concerned about rising utility bills, several environmentally friendly updates in a home may help it stand out from the crowd. Green homes sell faster and

for more than other homes.


Eco Torrent is a full service General Contractor servicing Ocean and Monmouth counties at the Jersey shore.
For over 35 years the founders of Eco Torrent performed building, remodeling and renovation work for a wide range of clients throughout New Jersey.
We specialize in techniques and technologies to build, retrofit & remodel sustainable, eco friendly and energy efficient, for ourselves, the environment and you.
Let our talented experienced professional team help you with your next construction project.


Programs we participate in

  • DOE-zero energy ready
  • Energy Star
  • Energy Star, NJ Clean Energy program
  • BPI


Affiliations and Certifications

  • NAHB
  • NAR
  • CPHC/C Passive House
  • NAR green designation
  • BPI GoldStar