Save BIG on your utilities with LED lighting and smart home technologies.


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Light emitting diodes or LED is one of today’s most energy-efficient and rapidly developing lighting technologies. They last longer are more durable and offer better lighting quality and colors than most other types of lighting.

How they are different.

  • LEDS mix red, green and blue light to make different shades and dimness levels of white light.
  • LED’s emit much less heat compared to other bulb technologies that waste up to 90% of their light as heat.
  • LED lights emit light in a specific direction reducing the need for reflectors  or diffusers. 

Energy Savings

The LED light technology is highly efficient and has the potential to drastically lower your energy bills. Most quality LED lights use at least 75% less energy and last 25-30% longer than the bulbs you are probably using now.


3 Great reasons to integrate smart home technology into your home

You’ll notice an immediate difference in your bills when you add smart home technology to your space. With the right planning and design you can automate and control most of the items in your home.

  1. Automate and Control HVAC systems. Optimize your energy efficient systems even further to save even more money on your utility bills
  2. Control appliances and  lighting and your home with your smartphone, tablet or computer
  3. Make your home safer with fully controlled and integrated security system.


Home Automation

Your home is more than a shelter. Its your space to unwind and relax after a long day at work. In todays world you may have to work and unwind all in the same space! To do this and more you’ll need a space that offers flexibility and convenience at every turn. How cool would it be if every room could automatically change the lighting , audio and environment for each individual that entered the room automatically based on the preferences set in their personal tablet , laptop of smartphone! You could even set it up to automatically change based on your families schedule. A smart home can do that and more!

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